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Hidden coded messages

Did you know, the floor of Boelter Hall at UCLA has a coded message in binary code? I started looking for ways that binary code was used in "real life" or ways binary was used in cryptology and I came across an article about the floor of Boelter Hall. The message in the floor spells out "Lo and Behold!", the first message that was sent across the internet. The coded message in the floor tiles was a last minute addition to the building. Originally, the architect designed a wall mural using binary code but in the end it never made the final design. When the contractor called asking for floor tile designs, Erik Hagen, re-purposed his wall mural design as floor tile pattern. No one knew about the message because it was added during the construction process not the design process and it went un-observed until some keen eyed computer science student observed that the dark and light floor tiles could be interpreted as 1's and 0's of binary code and that the tiles held a hidden message.

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