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I believe that students learn best when they are engaged in their learning and given some responsibility for their education through choices. Learning should also be fun. My inquiry based/ learner centered approach, focuses more on the learning process and skills, rather than achieving an accurate result. Additionally, I believe that the use of technology enhances our classroom time, as teachers are able to spend more time working individually with students and students are able to work at their own pace through differentiated tasks. Technology in the secondary classroom should mimic the technology encountered in professional laboratories, collegiate classes and engineering fields. As a technology integrator, I believe that using technology in the classroom engages today’s students and creates divergent higher order thinkers.

I strongly believe that our classrooms, lessons and curriculum should mimic real world experiences. I am passionate about infusing my classroom with additional technology that is used in the engineering industry. While I recognize that not all of my students will go on to be engineers and scientists, every student can benefit from thinking critically, questioning assumptions, making decisions based on evidence, and playing with mud. As a science educator it is my responsibility to ensure my students leave my class better able to make observations about the world around them, ask questions, and develop strategies to establish new knowledge. I design inquiry-driven, student-centered courses, and include principles of active learning into my classroom. I am passionate about bringing science down to a local level, so students make connections to their lives and increase motivation.

Engineering Design Olympics 2017

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