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Paleoclimatology: Using Ice Cores as Proxy Data for Climate Change

January 01, 2020

The cryosphere is the frozen water portion of the Earth System that includes glaciers, frozen polar caps, and sea ice. Icy layers form from the accumulation of snowfall overtime. These layers contain aerosols particles, dust, ash, pollen, trace elements and sea salts that were in the atmosphere at the time the snow layer accumulated. The particles remain preserved in the ice for thousands of years and provide physical evidence of past global events, such as major volcanic eruptions. As the ice accumulates it compacts over tiny. Tiny bubbles of the atmosphere include greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane are preserved in the ice layer. These air pockets as fossilized air samples of what the atmosphere was like when that layer of snow/ice was deposited.  Paleoclimatologists use augers to retrieve ice cores as proxy data to study the layers and obtain evidence of past climates.

Earthquakes in New Hampshire

May 02, 2018

Stand alone lesson focused on earthquakes in New Hampshire and New England Includes a 2 page information summary, demonstration instructions, student webquest worksheet and answer key. Photo obtained from USGS Earthquakes.

Geology of Adventure

November 17, 2017

I went to create a lesson plan specific to the Geology of New Hampshire but upon researching I found one already created! This lesson plan from Plymouth State University covers the Geology of Adventure. Taking a look at how geology influences our recreational activities. Download the lesson plan and resources from their website linked below. 

GIS and Geologic Maps

September 16, 2017

What would you do if I dropped you off in Seattle, Washington, with a license and a car and told you to find your way home? Could you do it? GIS and GPS have been interwoven throughout our everyday lives, yet it is unlikely that you know that you use them! 

Lesson Plan for teaching a GIS and Geologic Mapping Lesson Plan. Includes lesson plans, NGSS connections, vocabulary lists, presentation, digital form, ArcGIS tutorial, real world connections, and student worksheet. 

Geologic Mapping Vocabulary Games

September 16, 2017

GIS Mapping Vocabulary Games

September 25, 2017

Vocabulary is essential to science literacy. These vocabulary review activities for a mapping unit on GIS reinforce concepts for students using game based strategies.  Vocabulary games including bingo, Kahoot!, block game, vocabulary card games and more! #gis #gamification

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