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Science with Steph Podcast

"Science with Steph" is an educational podcast for the high school science classroom. Whether you are in person or remote, podcasts can be utilized to provide short explanations of common questions or concepts.

This is my favorite set of graphic organizers for students to use while listening to podcasts. 

Episode List

S1:E1 The Language of Science (5:40)

S1:E2 The Metric System (5:41)

S1:E3 Customary Units  (7:25)

S1:E4 Dimensional Analysis (8:30)

S1:E5 Death to the Scientific Method (5:25)

S1:E6 Why does ice float? (11:53)

S1:E7 Why is Earth the densest object in the Solar System? (6:25)

S2:E1 The Great Conjunction of 2020 (08:20)

S2:E2 Roller Coaster Physics (15:34)


S3:E1 Dare Mighty Things (9:26)

National Parks Series

S4:E1 Geology of Death Valley National Park (15:14)

S4:E2 Death Valley Racetrack and Sailing Stones (17:01)

S4:E3 Geology of Congaree National Park (14:42)

S4:E4 Geology of the Channel Islands National Park

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