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Geology of Adventure

I recently began working on some lesson plans specific to New Hampshire Geology. I came across this great lesson plan created by Plymouth State University called the "Beyond Granite: The Geology of Adventure". What I like about this lesson is that it takes a twist on the traditional geology lesson plan and looks at how geology influences our outdoor adventures like rock climbing, hiking, ice climbing and skiing. All of these activities are prevalent in New Hampshire and many of our students participate or know someone who participates in one or more of these outdoor activities.

The lesson includes a short video and many images to investigate. There are also lessons packs for all grades from Elementary, Middle and High School. These lessons draw a local real world connection to the ideas and themes in our curriculums.

I created a few resources to use with this lesson plan for the middle grades including a presentation with the video links and lesson questions, as well as a Google Form for student responses. Feel free to make a copy for yourself. I like to use the GIS version of the New Hampshire Geologic Map for students to explore. I try to incorporate GIS wherever I can into my lessons. However, I always have a few paper copies around the room as well.

Check out these great lessons from Plymouth State!

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