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Embracing the fidget spinner craze

Fidgit spinners are in the hands of so many students these days. I have to stipulate to students that unless "I have papers that indicate you need a fidget device" that they need to be put away. I feel like a broken record. They have become a distraction in so many classes. The original purpose of a fidget spinner was to help students with attention issues in focusing. However, they have become a toy to many students.

With all of my lessons I want them to be applicable to the students lives. I want my students to make those direct connections between the brick and mortar classroom and the world around them. Since fidget spinner are the most recent craze, why not embrace the craze and adapt them into a lesson. Especially when you can get them on Amazon for cheap.

Here are some great lesson ideas to use with fidget spinners in your classroom!

Make Your Own 3D Printed Fidget Spinner

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