Girl Scout Breakout Game

I am always looking for means and methods of merging my two sides, the engineer and the Girl Scout. One isn't mutually exclusive of the other but I find I am either working on Girl Scout curriculum or STEM curriculum and not often merging the two. I think that a Breakout would be a perfect fit for our new troop which has increased in numbers as we took in a disbanded troop. As such a large group of diverse ages, 26 girls ranging in age from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade, a breakout will allow our troop to build some essential team building skills, while working on their GS Ways badges. The GS Ways badge is all about Girl Scouts and our founder Juliette Gordon Low. It is about learning our his

ArcGIS in the Classroom

A colleague, Jess Oltman (@techwithmso), and I presented last week at the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference on our experiences using GIS in the classroom. You can check out our presentation here. We had a few technical difficulties, because why wouldn't you at a technology conference. We rolled with it like we do in the classroom. Overall, it was a positive experience. I enjoyed sharing my love of GIS with others despite the challenges we had loading our presentation. I walked away at the end of the day with renewed excitement for some of my upcoming projects and additional ideas for more immersive gamification in my lessons . #gisintheclassroom #STEM #GIS #technologyeducation #teched


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