Geology of Adventure

I recently began working on some lesson plans specific to New Hampshire Geology. I came across this great lesson plan created by Plymouth State University called the "Beyond Granite: The Geology of Adventure". What I like about this lesson is that it takes a twist on the traditional geology lesson plan and looks at how geology influences our outdoor adventures like rock climbing, hiking, ice climbing and skiing. All of these activities are prevalent in New Hampshire and many of our students participate or know someone who participates in one or more of these outdoor activities. The lesson includes a short video and many images to investigate. There are also lessons packs for all grades from

LEDs + Dough = Squishy Circuits!

I have been searching for good engineering projects for the elementary ages that I can add to my Makerspace classes. I came across Squishy Circuits article in Make Magazine. Just a few materials and kids can learn about simple circuits, which is the perfect fit for a Makerspace class! Before I jump in and design a class around them, I decided to try them out with my niece and nephew during their recent visit. Squishy Circuits only need a few items Power Source (I used a 9V) alligator clips 5mm LED lights with the bare prongs conductive dough (recipe below) or Play-Doh insulating dough (recipe below) or Modeling Clay tools for shaping your creations (rolling pins, clay

GIS in the Classroom

November 15th is National GIS day. It seems like there is a day for everything these days, but this is one of those days I can get behind and support unlike National Coffee Day or National Donut Day. One of the things these National Days of "whatever" does really well is bring an item, concept, theme to the mainstream media. #GISDay is trending 10th on my Twitter currently. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is one of those concepts that is often foreign to elementary and secondary teachers. I have found myself explaining what GIS is and what GIS stands for way more often than I probably really should. However, when I think about it, if I wasn't a Geologist and Engineer, if I had gone rig


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